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Hello everyone,

My name is Nicole Helgason and I am the creator of ReefDivers.io

Nicole Helgason
Nicole Helgason

I started ReefDivers to share my knowledge and passion of scuba diving with the world. Thank you to all our fans who visit the website, and follow us on social media!

I learned to scuba dive in 2006, and after 200 dives became a PADI instructor in 2007. I was afraid of diving before I started, and I worked at a dive center as a snorkel guide in the Dominican Republic for six months before someone convinced me to go scuba diving. The rest is history!

As a PADI Instructor, I have been able to travel around the world and work in some truly breathtaking locations. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had many challenges along the way. But my experiences have given me a unique insight into the professional world of scuba diving. These lessons guide my work on ReefDivers.

Back To School

After teaching scuba diving for four years, I decided it was time to go back to school. I completed a Bachelors degree in Coastal Geography from the University of Victoria, and it didn’t take long for the ocean to call me home. One week after graduating I moved to Mozambique Africa to work as an Activities Manager. During my time I volunteered for two marine conservation projects, and created a few of my own along the way.

I ended up staying two years in Mozambique and one of my greatest achievements was teaching local Mozambicans to scuba dive.

Nicole with members of the Activities Team from Bazaruto Mozambique

Coral Restoration

My driving force is coral reefs and coral restoration. When I first learned to dive there was a coral restoration project at our local dive site. Being an avid gardener I was obsessed with the idea that you could grow corals underwater just like a garden on land.

I have spent much of my free time learning about corals, visiting coral restoration projects, and doing anything I can to get closer to the reef. I even started my own coral restoration project in Africa and have experienced all the details of how complicated and rewarding these projects can be.

Coral restoration project in Africa

Overcoming Your Fear

Having overcome my fear of scuba diving I am passionate about helping people overcome their own fears of diving or snorkeling. There are a few common fears shared by most divers and learning about these fears can help make diving more enjoyable.

With patience, anyone can learn to scuba dive and overcome any fears they may have! If you want to learn to scuba dive but have some fear I would be happy to help.

I hope you enjoy my website and would love to hear from our fans. Please reach out through the ReefDivers.io Facebook Page or by leaving a comment on one of our blog posts.

Thank you for visiting!
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