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Hello! My name is Nicole Helgason and I am the creator of ReefDivers.io

My first dive was in 2006. I was scared at first, but then I never looked back. By the next year, I became a certified PADI dive instructor and have been working in the dive industry ever since.

I started ReefDivers.io in March 2016 to share my scuba skills and coral passion with the world.

Working in the professional dive industry I noticed recreational and professional divers pay very little attention to coral diversity, so I started writing ReefDivers as an outlet for scuba divers to seek advice and reference coral diversity in a fun engaging format.

I’ve written a Guide to Caribbean Corals and currently working on a Guide for Indo-Pacific Corals. I have also given presentations and created coral identification guides for hotels and dive centers.

I am interested in working with professional divers, and dive centers who want to learn more about coral diversity through workshops and training. As well as providing tools for instructors and divemasters to share this knowledge with dive guests.

Nicole with members of the Activities Team from Bazaruto Mozambique where she was the hotel’s Activities Manager.

Coral Restoration

What first attracted me to diving was the coral, and especially coral restoration. Being an avid gardener I was obsessed with the idea that you could grow corals underwater. When I first learned to dive there was a coral restoration project at our closest dive site and knew that is what I needed to do with my life.

I am interested to help dive centers and hotels design coral restoration projects that benefit the environment while getting scuba divers involved in coral conservation and coral identification.

Feel free to contact me with questions about coral identification and how you can inspire scuba divers to take a closer look at coral diversity. Email: Nikki@ReefBuilders.com

Nicole giving a Coral Identification presentation at the Lembeh Resort

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